Past Life Regression  Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy

Have you ever experienced a moment where you have a sense of knowing that you have been in a place before, even though you have never physically visited that place?  Many past life regression therapy clients get in touch after such an experience that was so profound, it changed their very perception of the nature of consciousness.

One example is that of a recent client who visited Cyprus for a family holiday and enjoyed a day trip to the Valley of the Kings at Paphos.  This client became overwhelmed with emotion at the site with strong feelings of connection to the site. 

Months after this experience, they still had strong feelings about the visit and after discussing this with a friend they made the decision to come along for a past life regression session to see if this would help to shed more light on things.

This client drifted easily into the hypnotic state and went on a journey of discovery into a past life which gave them very personal information that was very clear and explained why the recollection at Paphos had occurred.

The past life experience also highlighted to the client how certain areas of their current life were mirroring the past, and they were able to heal the connections and close the door upon the past.  This particular client has described feeling “lighter and clearer” since their session, with a deeper understanding of themselves.

A past life regression journey can of course be one of sheer curiosity, and so many incredible experiences have been had with clients.  However, the therapeutic benefits of coming to terms with possible difficulties in a past life that may still be affecting the soul in this current life can be transformational.

Past life regression therapy really can be exactly that; a deeply healing experience of therapy that can help us to discover so much more about who we are and the very nature of our consciousness.

If you are curious about past lives or have even had a similar experience as the client mentioned here, please get in touch with us for a chat to discuss how past life regression can help you to expand your consciousness.