Past Life Regression Therapy What to Expect

past life regression therapy

There are many different reasons that people wish to experience past life regression therapy, curiosity, recurring dreams about another place and time, or a feeling that you have “been here before”. Some clients have visited a particular place in the world where they have, in this life and to their knowledge never been to before, yet when they visit that place they have an overwhelming sense that they know the place, often in detail. There is also the experience that some have of meeting someone for the ‘first time’ and feeling extremely connected as if they have known this person before.

Whatever your reason is for seeking out past life regression therapy, your therapist will help you to feel relaxed and comfortable, with time to talk through your experiences to date and your feelings about past lives, each session is unique. If you have experienced hypnosis before you may be familiar with the deeply relaxed state that hypnosis is, and if you have not yet experienced hypnosis, your therapist will spend some time explaining carefully what hypnosis is and may often induce hypnosis so that you can see how it feels, and then bring you back to discuss how you felt before taking you on a deeper journey. This way you can build confidence in your ability to easily drift into the hypnotic state, and in your therapist’s ability to guide and support you on your journey.

Once you feel very comfortable, your past life regression therapist will take you on a journey to discover a past incarnation. The use of a long corridor with many doorways to go through is one way, you will feel drawn to one particular doorway to go through in that session, always with the intention that it is the life that you will gain the most healing/benefit from going through. Another way is to visit a beautiful temple with many mirrors, and to feel drawn to a particular mirror by its shape or design, and to gaze into the mirror to access a past incarnation. There are so many beautiful and creative journeys that your therapist may guide you through to discover a past life, and when you step through the doorway, or into the mirror, your therapist will gently ask you to describe what it is that you see and feel. At no time will you feel vulnerable or lost, as the therapist’s voice is always with you, and it will have been spoken into your subconscious mind that you are an observer of your journey therefore you are free to view whatever you need to in order to gain greater learning about yourself as well as receive healing from the experience.

Each past life regression experience is an opportunity for a profound healing. You may recognize people in a past life, that when you gaze into their eyes you recognize them as someone from your current incarnation, there is a school of thought that we incarnate often in soul groups, in order to learn and grow together.

Many people describe feeling lighter and freer after their session, some emotion may have been released, or a realization about why certain experiences in the current life have occurred may bring peace. As stated above, each past life regression therapy session is unique, and your therapist is there to support you and gently guide you through the journey, while holding a calm and compassionate space for your experience.
If you feel drawn to experience past life regression therapy, take a look at our register of professionally qualified therapists who all work with deep compassion, you can get in touch with any one of us and ask any questions that you may have.

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