Past Life Regression Glastonbury Somerset
Welcome to my page at Avalon Past Life Regression.
As a Priestess of Avalon and Rhiannon, my vocation is devotional, dedicating my life to serving the world wide community from the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, a registered place of Pagan worship.
In my role as a Temple musician and ceremonialist creating sacred harmonic resonance healing events, I often combine sound work with hypnosis to reach the quantum mind, facilitating healing. These hypno-sound sessions are a powerful combination of crystal singing bowls and hypnosis that create a profoundly deep experience.
Having qualified as a hypnotherapist with the renowned Somerset School of Hypnotherapy, with a SSOH Diploma specialising in Past life regression, I work with the many visitors come to this most sacred place from all over the world and often want to explore who they were in other lives.
I offer clients past life regression therapy from the beautiful healing Temple of Goddess House in Glastonbury, which is the perfect place to journey within to past life remembering, to hear the inner echoes of the inter-life space can bring healing for the soul, the very essence of who you are.
This profound journey is created for you individually, answers to your questions of the higher-self and the nature of consciousness can bring enlightenment upon your spiritual pathway.  It is my honour to accompany you upon your sacred journey to release emotional blockages and expand your consciousness.
We are moving towards the next age on the cycle of procession that lasts 2,160 years. Welcoming in the golden age, all of life is entrained to this shfit in energies and many are feeling the changes in different ways.  Greater interest in the spiritual connection, a deepening of awareness of how there is so much more to human consciousness are just two examples.  Working with hypnosis is a way to gain such depth to this connection and awarness, preparing you for the shift in consciousness which we are upon the cusp of now.
Your past life regression therapy session is for around 2-3 hours, and my fee for this work is £175 which includes a pre-session discussion where you can share with me your objectives for seeking this transformational work.
Please do contact by calling the number below, or by using the contact form to email me, if you have any questions about past life regression therapy, or if you wish to book your session.




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