Welcome to Avalon Past Life Regression


Do you believe that you have lived previous lives and wish to explore them?
Maybe you have experienced a feeling when visiting a particular place that you 'remember' it, although
consciously you know you have never been there.
Perhaps you feel inexplicably drawn to a certain place, or fascinated with a particular period of history?
A very common occurrence can be an incredibly strong feeling of connection to another person,
almost as though you feel you have met them before.


Or it could be that you are simply curious about the concept of past life regression and reincarnation?




How Past Life Regression Therapy Can Help You



Past life regression therapy can resolve energy imbalances in the emotional and spiritual body, as well as
rewind fears and unexplained symptoms such as phobias.
Working on this deep level can bring healing of ancestral lines, embedded trauma can be released,
and soul retrieval work can help to get you back on track to your true life purpose,
Inter-life resolution during your regression therapy can shine a light upon deeply buried wisdom
giving you a deeper understanding of your self.


In these times of great changes in our world, so many are seeking the freedom from
outworn patterns and beliefs, pain and feelings of isolation which may have roots in a deep longing
to connect to ancient, peaceful ways of the past which are now ready to be reclaimed.



Why Explore Our Past Lives?



Past life regression therapy is a powerful treatment that can help you to discover more about yourself
and gain a deeper connection to your spirituality.  It is my belief and experience that we do indeed live many
lives in different places and forms in order to learn and to progress on our soul's journey.


Our soul, or higher self remains the same, it is that part of us which is the central spark of our existence.


There may have been lives that were extremely challenging as our soul moves through the aeons of human
experience upon this earth. Before incarnating upon the earth, we may have even lived lives
as other beings, other life forms within our vast universe.


Each life time brings us new experiences, teaches us wisdom so that we many grow and progress with the eventual
goal of reaching a state of being that is pure light,  and maybe then having no need to incarnate
in a third dimensional physical reality.
Whatever your reason for exploring the possibilities of your past lives, the experience can bring peace of mind,
greater connection with your spirituality and a heightened sense of life purpose.


By discovering who you were, you can also embrace all that you are now.




Booking Your Appointment for a Past Life Therapy Session

Before booking your appointment for your past life regression therapy session, I will arrange a half hour
consultation on the phone. This is very helpful as you can explain your reasons for wishing to experience a past life
regression and we can have a talk about what you need from your session. You can also ask any additional questions
that you may have and we  can generally get to know each other a little.  I will then email over to you
an MP3 hypnosis download,  tailored to your needs, which helps to relax you and also prepare you for your session.


The way that we access your past life memories is via hypnosis, which is a deeply relaxed, yet highly inwardly
focused state of being. By experiencing a simple self-hypnosis session via your MP3 download, you become more
relaxed,  your mind is prepared and you are also acquainted with my voice and methods of helping you to reach a
deep level of relaxation.


When you come in for your appointment, we can further discuss your needs from the session and
you can then enjoy going back into the  deeply relaxed, yet highly focused state of hypnosis.


This trance state can be deepened until you are ready to begin your journey through one of the
many doorways presented to you, into an experience from the past.


Most clients drift back through memories in time to lives that could be described as 'ordinary', not everyone can
discover they were Cleopatra! However ordinary these lives were, the learning experience and value to be gained
from visiting them can be extraordinary, with many clients putting pieces of their puzzle back together,
feeling complete again, or even overcoming a life-long issue, answers to questions.



A past life therapy session lasts for around 2-3 hours and the fee is £120 which includes your preparation download and a recording of your experience.